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How to prepare yourself before you file for divorce

When you want to divorce your spouse, it can be a heavy burden. You know once the process starts, nothing between you will ever be the same, and that certain aspects of your life will change dramatically. By taking the time to prepare yourself before you file for divorce, you may be able to help make the process easier.

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Research the Process

One way to prepare to file for divorce is to research how the process works and your available options. You may find that alternatives to traditional divorce, such as mediation and Collaborative divorce, are a better fit for your situation. You can also learn what information will be needed and get a general sense of the decisions that will have to be made in your case. Additionally, knowing more about how things will work can help you reduce stress and develop realistic expectations.

Gather Important Documents and Information

When your case begins, you will need to know specific details about your financial assets, where to find documents such as car titles, real estate deeds, and copies of all your retirement statements. You will also need credit card statements, bank account balances, mortgage information, W2s, and statements for more or less all your assets. Having this information gathered ahead of time can help the divorce process move more efficiently. Additionally, once you start looking for data, you may find you have a lot to learn about your marital assets. The more organized and well-informed you are, the easier it will be to negotiate the terms which relate to these subjects.

Get Support

Divorce can be a brutal emotional process even when you are the person initiating the case. You are separating from someone you once planned to spend the rest of your life with, and you are experiencing a loss. It’s hard on everyone involved, and it’s essential that you reach out to those who can help support you as soon as possible. You may also want to talk with a therapist about your decision before you file and continue seeing them as you go through your case. Having a strong support system from the very beginning is vital to your overall well-being at all stages of your divorce.

While it is not possible to be entirely prepared for your divorce, by doing your homework, getting organized, and relying on others, you can help make it less stressful. Attorney Karyn Youso has extensive divorce law experience and can help you evaluate your options before, during, and after divorce. Contact us at First Look Family Law today to schedule a consultation and let us take a “first look” at your situation.