What Kind Of Clients Do We Represent?

  • My spouse is having an affair and I don’t know what to do.
  • My spouse and I have grown apart and the marriage doesn’t work anymore.
  • My spouse is an alcoholic/addict/abusive and I can’t take it anymore.
  • My spouse just asked me for a divorce and I am blindsided.
  • My spouse and I are “just friends” and want to divorce amicably.
  • My spouse and I live like roommates and need to move on.
  • I’m worried about the impact of divorce on my children.
  • I’m afraid if I leave my marriage my spouse will be angry and vengeful.
  • How do we know the right way to divorce?  Mediation? Litigation? Collaborative? Or do it yourself?
  • I cheated on my spouse and he/she is angry.  I want to settle reasonably but worry his/her anger will get in the way of settlement.

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Excellent attorney. Her ability to read personalities, (including mine), allowed for smooth and drama free negotiations. Her firm, straight forward approach keeps the process moving forward. She’s no nonsense with a sense of humor…a key attribute for a divorce attorney. Her integrity and honesty allowed for a fair outcome. Her calmness was a blessing when having to deal with high emotions. Highly recommended!

Posted by Steve

I was looking for an attorney to work through a difficult situation fairly while at the same time protecting mine and my children’s interest. Karen was that attorney. She represented my children’s interests very well. She is organized, intelligent and thorough. If it’s important for you to have a lawyer who is the smartest person in the room and who will make sure the difficult divorce process is handled fairly and professionally, I would highly recommend Ms. Youso.

Posted by Mike

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