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Second Opinions

For those clients who may already be involved in a divorce, and are unrepresented (pro se) or are represented by other counsel but feeling unsure about whether or not to continue with that representation, we offer a flat fee consultation of one hour (or up to two hours) in which we review the facts of your case and offer opinions about strategy or status. It can be reassuring to hear that you or your attorney is actually doing a good job, even if you are feeling unsure. Or, it can be empowering to hear you might be better served going in a different direction with new counsel. You are not obligated to hire us (nor are we obligated to take you on as a client). But it will be a good use of an hour of your time to come away feeling more secure about your next steps.

Roadmap Consultations

A roadmap consultation is similar to a second opinion except it’s a meeting for people who have not started their divorce yet. In essence you are meeting with us to talk about your current circumstances, and get some idea of a roadmap for best next steps. This might include figuring out when to file, whether to file, how to file, and learning all the process options for divorce/separation including the low conflict options like Mediation and Collaborative process that will save you time and money and protect your children. Clients often ask me “do I need my own bank account?” and “does it matter who files first?” and “when does my child get to decide who they live with?” The Roadmap Consultation answers all those questions and debunks a lot of family law myths. We do offer a free 30 minutes for prospective clients who are serious about hiring an attorney. Otherwise, these consultations are also provided in flat fee increments of one or two hours, depending on a client’s needs.