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Family Law Mediation

Folder with marriage mediation papers inside it

Divorce and child custody matters are often some of the most stressful processes that people have to go through. The stress stems mainly from the fact that there is a major change in your family dynamic, living situation, and financial resources. Moreover, divorce litigation means you are handing over your important life decisions, such as custody […]

Alimony – Will I Have to Pay and If So How Long?

divorce petition paper with $100 bill and broken wedding ring

Few events are as financially stressful as divorce.  During a marriage, spouses typically combine financial resources to help pay the necessary bills, such as rent, groceries, and utilities.  After divorce, each spouse will have to rely entirely on his or her own resources to make ends meet. In some cases, one spouse may be ordered […]

Protecting Your Family Business in Divorce

Family inside a wine cellar, holding wine glasses.

Millions of Americans own and operate their own family business. Self-employment can be a fantastic way to ensure financial security for yourself and your children. It can also be a fulfilling way to continue your family’s legacy and contribute to your community. Divorce, however, can disrupt the continuity of your business and threaten its future. Protecting […]

Child Support Calculation Basics – Primary, Shared, Split, and Serial Placement

Man holding a piece of paper that says Pay Child Support.

Every parent knows that raising a child is expensive. Clothing, diapers, school fees, extracurricular activities, daycare, and a myriad of other costs mount up quickly.  After a divorce or custody action, the parents will have to divide parenting time as well as the expenses associated with raising the child. Child support is designed to help the […]

Annulment or Divorce?

Photo os a matrimonial lawyer

The end of a marriage is a difficult time, with many decisions to be made, ranging from child custody visitation agreements to the division of credit card debt. You may be faced with the choice of whether to seek an annulment or divorce. Before making this very important decision, you need to understand the fundamental difference between […]

Prenuptial Agreement Basics

Prenuptial agreement with cash and wedding rings on top of paper.

Getting married and starting a new life is a thrilling time. During this excitement, no one wants to contemplate the potential end of the relationship. Prenuptial agreements are contracts designed to do precisely that. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is designed to arrange the financial outcome of a divorce before the marriage even […]

Dividing Retirements Accounts

elderly couple working on finances

Retirement is a time that we all plan for in detail. Thinking about how we will spend our golden years is an exciting prospect, and we all save money to hopefully allow us to devote our retirement to our favorite hobbies. During marriage, especially longer ones, it is likely you and your spouse have accumulated […]

Wisconsin’s Attitude Toward Fathers and Custody

Father sitting in park with his two daughters

Custody issues are, understandably, some of the most hard-fought and contentious issues in family law.  Every parent only wants what is best for their children, but during a divorce, parents will often disagree about precisely what that means. Some people believe that is a foregone conclusion that the mother will always be awarded the primary custodian of […]

Social Media and How It Can Sink Your Divorce Case

social media graphic

Social media is a regular part of daily life for millions of people.  As a result, it has become commonplace for many of us to routinely share personal details about our lives on public forums such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  When going through a significant event such as divorce, it may seem like a natural […]

What Happens to the House in Divorce?

Outside of family home

For generations, homeownership has been the goal for married couples who are beginning their new lives together.  For many, these homes will be their single most substantial investment as well as a place where countless memories are created.   Over time, the couple may become homeowners but then later find that they no longer want to […]