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Social Media and How It Can Sink Your Divorce Case

Social media is a regular part of daily life for millions of people.  As a result, it has become commonplace for many of us to routinely share personal details about our lives on public forums such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  When going through a significant event such as divorce, it may seem like a natural choice to discuss the case details through these accounts. However, sharing this type of information on social media is not only ill-advised, but it may also be extremely harmful to your case.

Social Media Posts are not Protected

In a world where personal contact is not always available, social media provides a way for us to connect with others and express our feelings about a variety of issues. When someone is experiencing the negative emotions which accompany divorce, his or her first instinct may be to put this information on social media in order to gain support and validation from family and friends. What the individual may not realize is that even though these comments are on their personal accounts, they are not protected. The truth is that you do not have an expectation of privacy on social media. Anyone in your network can access, copy, and share your content with whomever they choose, including your former partner.  This includes information regarding your state of mind, new relationships, the divorce, and your children.  Make no mistake, what you share or have shared with your social media accounts, can be extracted and used against you as evidence in your divorce case.

Social Media Activity Can Impede Settlement

One of the most productive ways to resolve a divorce is by working toward an agreement with the other party.  However, when one or both individuals disparage the other, the chances of reaching an amicable resolution are greatly diminished.  Ultimately, negative comments on social media can harm your case by creating unnecessary tension and increased animosity between you and your former partner thereby impeding the possibility of a reasonable settlement.

Use of Social Media during Your Case

Ideally, you will disable and delete your social media accounts until your case is finalized. If you must continue using social media, you should immediately adjust your security settings to the most restrictive level and refrain from posting anything personal or that reflects extreme opinions. You should also review older posts and remove anything that appears to be potentially incriminating and ask your friends and family to be careful when they post information related to you.

Find a Different Outlet

The emotions surrounding divorce are intense, and it is important to have a safe and supportive environment in which to manage them. Talking about your feelings during such a stressful time is healthy. By seeking the comfort and support of close friends or confiding in a therapist rather than using social media, you can process your feelings in a safe space without endangering your case or creating unnecessary conflict.

By being judicious with your use of social media and protective of your information, you are taking critical steps towards safeguarding your case and facilitating cooperation between the parties.