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Why Divorce Mediation May be the Best Option for Wisconsin Residents

Divorce Mediation Services in Brookfield

Divorce can be highly emotional, and people often think these cases end with dramatic courtroom hearings. Many are surprised to learn that the majority of divorces end in settlement. There are various ways for the parties to work out an agreement regarding the issues in their case. One method is Divorce Mediation.

Attorney and Mediator Karyn Youso of First Look Family Law understands the complexities of divorce and the importance of Divorce Mediation. She is an attorney and Mediator with over 29 years of experience helping clients understand their options and connect with resources during and after their Wisconsin divorce cases. 

What is Divorce Mediation?

In Wisconsin, there are different divorce and separation methods you can choose for your circumstances. Divorce Mediation is a process in which the couple goes before a neutral mediator who will attempt to help them facilitate an agreement. Each side meets with the mediator, together or separately, depending on the situation, to explain their concerns. The mediator help them to try to negotiate an agreement on the issues in the case.

Divorce mediation may or may not be mandatory in your case. Under Wisconsin law, if legal custody or placement are contested in your divorce, you may have to attend divorce mediation before you can go to a final contested hearing. Meditation is not binding, meaning that you don’t have to sign anything if you cannot reach an agreement. Additionally, all negotiations are confidential and inadmissible in court.

Divorce Mediation May Work When the Parties are Fighting

When parties are having difficulty agreeing on the issues in their case, divorce meditation can provide a new approach. Even when there is conflict, this process can help both sides narrow the issues and clarify their goals. When a trained meditator can come in, listen to each party, and provide a neutral perspective, both parties usually benefit. The meditator does not take sides. The goal is to help the parties focus on the issues and reach an agreement if possible. When each side can step away from one another and talk with the mediator and their attorney (if one is involved), they can often see the value of reaching an agreement. Statistically,  80% or more of divorce mediations end in settlement.

Divorce Mediation Can Save Time and Money

Divorce mediation has the potential to end your divorce case earlier. In doing so, the process can save both sides a significant amount of time and money that they would otherwise expend on the case. Sometimes, even when one or both parties are resistant to settlement, the idea of not having to spend more or be caught up in the case longer can be a strong motivator to be open to the process of divorce mediation. Once the process begins, many may find it to be more helpful than they initially expected.

Divorce Mediation Can Help Even When You Don’t Settle

Parties sometimes attempt to mediate unsuccessfully. Even if divorce mediation doesn’t work initially, time spent in mediation is usually productive. This process can be beneficial in focusing on the issues and opening up lines of communication. Additionally, the first attempt at mediation doesn’t have to be a last one. Sometimes parties return for divorce mediation and have more success at a later date. Even if they don’t meditate again, the work done in mediation will often be the groundwork for the final negotiations.