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What skills should I be looking for in my Wisconsin divorce attorney?

  • For many people, getting divorced may be the first time they have had to think about hiring an attorney. Even someone who has had a lawyer for another type of case may have little to no experience retaining counsel for a divorce. During your Wisconsin divorce, you will have to make numerous important decisions, and it’s crucial that you have the right lawyer representing your interests.  If you have a Wisconsin divorce case, you will want to know: What skills should I be looking for in my Wisconsin divorce attorney?


Wisconsin Divorce Law Experience

  • One of the most important qualities in a Wisconsin divorce attorney is experience with Wisconsin divorce cases. Although it may seem evident that a Wisconsin divorce attorney would have this type of experience, not all legal experience is created equally. An attorney can be licensed to practice law for years and not be familiar with the nuances of Wisconsin divorce law and its associated procedures. Further, someone who occasionally practices in this area will not necessarily know its intricacies and developments.
  • Wisconsin divorce law is a unique and complex legal area that is constantly changing. Therefore, working with an attorney whose primary practice area is Wisconsin divorce law is imperative. You will want an attorney who is knowledgeable about how Wisconsin divorce laws operate, has experience assisting clients with these types of cases and is aware of emerging issues.


Local Knowledge

  • Another key quality you want in a Wisconsin divorce attorney is local knowledge. When an attorney practices before certain area courts, they develop an understanding of the legal culture in the community and the requirements and preferences of its judiciary. Additionally, a Wisconsin divorce attorney with local knowledge will know what to expect when interacting with other area legal professionals who may be involved with your divorce case.

Good Communication Skills

  • When you meet with a potential Wisconsin divorce attorney, you will want to assess how they communicate. During your initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to tell the attorney about your circumstances and ask questions about the divorce process. This is a good time to evaluate their communication style and listening skills. Everyone is different in how they interact with others. That being said, your Wisconsin divorce attorney should listen, ask questions as needed, and provide you with informative responses to any inquiries you may have.


  • Once you have hired your Wisconsin divorce attorney, they should be responsive to your requests for information and keep you updated on the status of your case. Although there may be times when you are waiting, you should be made aware of your case status and what to expect at each stage of the process. You want to work with an attorney who responds to you in a reasonable amount of time and helps you feel that you have the information you need throughout your Wisconsin divorce.


  • During any legal matter, the court’s impression of you begins with your attorney. You want to work with a Wisconsin divorce attorney who is prompt, professional, and organized. An attorney who is on time to court hearings and files timely, well-ordered pleadings is usually well-received by the court. Consider how timely the attorney was in meeting with you and how their office appears to operate. When an attorney conducts themselves in an organized manner, it can be indicative of their professionalism and ability to represent you during your Wisconsin divorce case.


A Broad Range of Skills

  • There are some Wisconsin divorce attorneys who offer limited services. You will want to work with someone who understands various aspects of a Wisconsin divorce case and has the skills and experience needed to assist you. For instance, you may want to use Divorce Mediation or the Collaborative Divorce model. Working with an attorney who has significant mediation experience and is trained as a Collaborative Divorce attorney can give you the insight you need to utilize these processes fully. When a Wisconsin divorce attorney has a broad range of skills, they are better equipped to represent you and your interests.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Divorce Attorney

  • If you are involved in a Wisconsin divorce case, it is vital that you have an experienced Wisconsin divorce attorney who has the skills and abilities to represent your interests. The best way to determine if someone has the qualities you want in your Wisconsin divorce attorney is to meet with them to discuss your case. Wisconsin Attorney and Mediator Karyn Youso of First Look Family Law is an attorney and Mediator with almost 30 years of experience helping clients understand their options and connect with resources before, during, and after their Wisconsin divorce cases. If you have a divorce case in Metro Milwaukee, please contact us today and let us take a “first look” at your situation.