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Neutral Professionals and Your Divorce

Going through a divorce impacts almost every aspect of your life from your finances to your home, emotional health, and family. When you have devoted your emotional energy, time, and resources to building a life with your partner, separating your worlds can be complicated.

Having experts involved during the process can help you identify issues and determine how to resolve them equitably.

When are Neutral Professionals Used?

Typically, neutral professionals can assist during divorce when the court orders their participation or the parties agree. If the court appoints someone it is usually to clarify an issue.

For example, parents fighting over child custody may be asked to submit to psychological evaluations which will be provided to the court to help it make decisions that are in the child’s best interest. In a routine divorce, the couple may agree to accept a property valuation conducted by a third-party appraiser and use their assessment for purposes of negotiation.

a woman going through a divorce seeks help through neutral professionals like a counselor

Neutral Professionals During Collaborative Divorce

One of the most valuable ways in which a neutral professional can help during divorce is through the Collaborative Divorce process.

This non-adversarial approach involves both parties agreeing to stay out of court, be cooperative, and use a team approach with different professionals to help them understand their issues and find amicable ways to resolve them.  The couple may have an accountant who helps them value their assets or mental health specialists who can support them during the process. 

There can also be appraisers for property issues and child advocates to assist with custody and placement decisions. There is immense value in having a group of trusted professionals involved in your case as they can help shed light on issues and provide valuable insights for the parties. Their expertise is a critical part of ensuring that each side’s needs are fully understood and met by the process.

Having the assistance of qualified professionals during your divorce can be helpful, but for the process to be effective, it is essential to have the right people involved. If you are considering or are in a divorce, we can help you understand how a neutral professional may become part of your case.