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If I have a low-conflict Wisconsin divorce attorney, does my spouse really need one?

When you think about divorce, you may imagine dramatic courtroom scenes where spouses aggressively go after one another. However, in reality, many cases involve couples who would rather resolve their differences than fight. Those intending to take a less adversarial approach often benefit from working with a low-conflict divorce attorney. When one party has this type of counsel, it may help both sides settle their disputed issues. Someone who has retained this type of counsel may be wondering: If I have a low-conflict Wisconsin divorce attorney, does my spouse really need one?

Why Choose a Low-Conflict Divorce?

Not every divorce involves intense disagreements and harsh feelings. Some relationships end because a couple realizes they are no longer compatible or have different long-term goals. Parties in these and other less contentious situations may not want to engage in high-conflict tactics during a divorce.

When someone elects to have a low-conflict divorce, it’s generally because they see the benefit of ending their marriage as peacefully as possible. However, having this type of divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be stressful moments or difficult emotions. Divorce can still be hard, even when parties agree to be less confrontational with one another.

While it may be painful to end your relationship, not having to fight with your ex may make things somewhat easier. Choosing a low-conflict divorce may allow you to accomplish the tasks necessary to legally end your marriage without adding undue stress to the process.

What Happens When You Choose a Low-Conflict Divorce Attorney?

When parties want to divorce with less conflict, they usually benefit from working with an attorney who understands how to support their goals. Low-conflict divorce attorneys are equipped to help their clients navigate their divorces without creating unnecessary disputes.

When you choose a low-conflict divorce attorney, your counsel can help you find alternative ways to resolve your differences with your ex. They can also assist you during processes such as Divorce Mediation. Additionally, low-conflict divorce attorneys have the skills to help you engage in less contentious negotiations with the other party.

Does My Spouse Need an Attorney Too?

You may have chosen a low-conflict divorce attorney because you and your ex are aligned on most of the key issues in your case. Additionally, you may both want to divorce as amicably as possible. Under these conditions, your low-conflict divorce attorney may be able to assist you in settling your case. When both sides agree or wish to resolve their disputes equitably and respectfully, your ex may not require their own representation. However, it’s important to recognize that your attorney will only be representing you during the process.

Determining whether or not someone should retain an attorney can be complicated, and there are usually several factors to consider. The best way to evaluate your low-conflict Wisconsin divorce options is by consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Your low-conflict counsel can help you evaluate your case and determine your next steps.

Contact a Wisconsin Low-Conflict Divorce Attorney

Wisconsin divorce cases can be complex, even when the parties are not adversarial. If you have a potential or pending Wisconsin divorce and want to resolve your case without fighting, you will want to work with an experienced Wisconsin low Conflict divorce attorney.

Wisconsin Attorney and Mediator Karyn Youso of First Look Family Law is an attorney and Mediator with the experience you need to assist you with your Wisconsin low-conflict divorce. If you have a Wisconsin divorce case, please contact us today and let us take a “first look” at your situation.