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Getting Your Motivation Back at Work After Divorce

Going through the emotional and financial strain of divorce can seem to take all of your energy. When your case is finalized, you are left with the task of rebuilding and moving forward with your personal life and career. However, returning to your job when you are still working through the pain of your divorce can seem daunting. The good news is that in time, getting your motivation back at work after divorce is possible.

a woman is being talked to by her colleague as she was back at  work after divorce

Be Patient with Yourself

Getting back into the swing of things on the job when you are still distracted by recent events can be hard. It’s important to start with manageable tasks and to have realistic expectations for your performance.

You should also try to avoid taking on too many responsibilities at one time. By identifying and prioritizing the most critical tasks, you can attend to your work without getting overwhelmed. If you know specific projects need your attention, do your utmost to make them your primary focus. It may take some time before you feel up to asking for extra assignments.

Be patient with your progress and concentrate on doing the best you can each day.

Your Work on Yourself Benefits Everyone

If you find that your drive to do well at work has taken a back seat to your need to attend to your emotions, this does not necessarily have to be a negative shift. Going through this experience has undoubtedly changed you in fundamental ways, and you are going to require time to adjust.

Devoting more energy to your self-care now can make you a healthier and more productive employee in the future. By treating your initial time back at work as a period to recover your strength and heal, you can regain the focus and vitality you need to be fully present at work.

Work Can be a Respite

You may be emotionally exhausted from the endless process of your divorce. Now that it’s over, it can seem like everyone in your life is asking you about the details. Being at work where you can focus on something other than your case and ex can be a relief.

When your attention is diverted to your co-workers and tasks, you can get a much-needed break from the subject and your own thoughts. Additionally, your work, unlike divorce, maybe something you have control over. You may find that your work on a project or duty can yield positive results and provide you with a sense of accomplishment.

Experiencing an accomplishment at work can give you an emotional boost and serve as a reminder that your divorce does not limit your ability to succeed.