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Finding the Right Support System After Divorce

Divorce is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. Just because your case has been finalized, doesn’t mean you have finished processing your experience. Starting over is going to take time, and it can really help to have an understanding of the people around you while you work through your feelings. By finding the right support system after divorce, you can put yourself in a better position to heal and move on.

Your Friends and Family

When you are first divorced, you may feel like you are always repeating the same stories about your ex and what happened. By telling your story this way you may be trying to examine your experience from different angles to make sense of what has occurred. Those closest to you can be some of the best listeners. These individuals have stood by your side through every part of the divorce and can be there during your most vulnerable moments as you grieve. They may also be in a good position to provide unique insights based on their personal observations and relationship with you.

Local Support

Sometimes it can help to get support from those who are going through the same thing as you. Local divorce support groups may be a good place to connect with others and share experiences. You may also want to connect with groups that provide opportunities for newly divorced people to get together for social gatherings and events. Having new friends who are also divorced can help you feel connected to others who are in the same situation.


The pain of divorce can be significant, and working with a therapist can be a good way to examine your relationship and process your emotions. You are going through a major life change and having a counseling professional to help support you as you transition into your post-divorce life, can reduce stress and provide a healthy outlet for your feelings.