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Does Collaborative Divorce Really Work?

When a couple is going through a divorce, they have options regarding how to complete their case. Those who are committed to divorcing with less conflict may want to consider Collaborative Divorce. This divorce model provides a cooperative way for parties to resolve their disputed issues and move forward with their lives. If you are considering having this type of divorce, you may be wondering: Does Collaborative Divorce really work?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce is a form of divorce that involves both sides working with specially trained Collaborative Divorce attorneys and neutral professionals to clarify and resolve their disputed issues. When parties choose this divorce model, they agree to provide each other will all necessary information and keep conflict to a minimum.

During the case, each side will have the opportunity to work with various professionals to evaluate their issues. Collaborative Divorce teams usually involve multiple types of professionals. For instance, a couple may work with a financial neutral to assess their finances or a business valuation expert in rendering an opinion about a company’s value.  They’ll hire a joint appraiser to value real estate. Parents may also consult with a child specialist who will meet with their children to give them a voice in the process and help parents better understand their children’s needs as they make custody and placement decisions.

Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

The Collaborative Divorce process allows both sides to take a comprehensive look at their divorce terms and consider the impact of various decisions. The degree to which a Collaborative Divorce will work will depend on the case, the parties, and the issues. However, when both parties are committed to working cooperatively to understand the other person’s perspective, the process can be very effective and more emotionally satisfying.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

When both people want to reduce conflict during and after their divorce for the sake of their and the family’s well-being, Collaborative Divorce can be a supportive and successful process. Having this type of divorce can reduce stress on the parties and their children. In addition, the process can provide both parties with a means to express what is important to them and achieve the closure they need to transition to the next phase of their lives.  Emotional closure is not a priority of the court system but is definitely addressed in the Collaborative process.

Working with a Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Another factor that can impact the case is the Collaborative Divorce attorney. Collaborative Divorce is a powerful process that has the potential to help parties identify and understand issues and find peaceful and supportive ways to reach a resolution. Working with an experienced Collaborative Divorce attorney can make a significant difference. Your Collaborative Divorce attorney can help you fully utilize the process and find the right professionals to assist you during the process.

Collaborative Divorce May Not be Right for Everyone

Collaborative divorce requires both parties to commit to having a low-conflict process where they can work together with a team of trained professionals to complete their cases. The process involves a high degree of cooperation. Therefore, if one side doesn’t want to engage in a transparent manner or work with various joint experts, it probably won’t work. Additionally, if one party decides to pull out of the process, both parties will have to hire new attorneys to represent them in a litigated divorce. Some people may not be comfortable with having to start over with new counsel.

Other Divorce Alternatives

Not every case will be appropriate for Collaborative Divorce. However, there are other low-conflict case alternatives. For instance, Divorce Mediation may be beneficial for parties who have differences but are open to having a mediator assist with negotiations. There may also be cases where the parties are able to negotiate with the help of low-conflict divorce attorneys.

The best way to evaluate the options for your Wisconsin divorce is by consulting with an experienced divorce attorney. Your Wisconsin divorce lawyer can help you understand your case issues and determine the best options for you and your circumstances.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Divorce Attorney

Wisconsin Attorney and Mediator Karyn Youso of First Look Family Law is a low-conflict divorce attorney and Mediator with over 30 years of experience helping clients understand their options during divorce. If you have a divorce case in Metro Milwaukee, please contact us today and let us take a “first look” at your situation.