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5 Benefits of Low-Conflict Divorce

During a divorce, the way you conduct yourself during your case can impact you for years to come. Keeping conflict to a minimum is generally in your best interest and can help you in several ways both during the process and after your case is completed. Here are 5 benefits of low-conflict divorce.

a couple having a low-conflict divorce
  • Having a Low-Conflict Divorce Can Help You Make Decisions

Divorce can be painful and emotional. While coping with the loss of your relationship, you will have to make numerous important decisions. When someone is under this type of stress, they can make emotionally motivated decisions without thinking them through. Making a concerted effort to keep conflict low can help minimize anxiety and tension. Having less conflict may make it easier to process and evaluate information and make important case decisions.

  • Having a Low-Conflict Divorce Can be Good for You and Your Family’s Well-being

Even when parties are relatively amicable, divorce can be a difficult process. Going through this experience can cause you and your children to experience intense emotions such as anger, sadness, and grief. In addition, divorce-related conflict can make an already tense and difficult situation worse for everyone involved. By choosing to have a low-conflict divorce, you can avoid exacerbating these types of emotions.

  • Low-Conflict Divorce Can Help You Keep Expenses Lower

Divorce has the potential to become extremely costly—but it doesn’t have to. During these cases, having higher conflict generally means having more legal bills. However, if you and your ex can use a low-conflict approach, you may be able to avoid added legal expenses and save money.

  • Low-Conflict Divorce Can Help You Resolve Disagreements

When divorcing parties are in conflict, they tend to devote their energy to establishing and maintaining their position on various issues. During the process, it’s easy for parties to concentrate more on defeating one another than the reasons for disputes. By adopting a low-conflict approach, both sides can maintain focus on the issues that matter. When there is less fighting, there is more room for negotiation and finding ways to resolve disagreements.

  • Low-Conflict Divorce Can Help You Move on With Your Life Faster

After your divorce, it will take time to process everything that has occurred and work towards healing. Engaging in high conflict during divorce often results in added emotional injuries. Recovering from events that took place during your divorce, in addition to the pain of your marriage ending, can prolong the healing process. When you choose a low-conflict divorce, you may be able to move through your case without adding more emotional strain, making it easier to move on with your life in less time.

  • Working with a Low-Conflict Attorney

Deciding you want to have a low-conflict divorce is one thing, while actually having one is another. To minimize conflict during your divorce, you will want to work with a low-conflict divorce attorney. Your divorce lawyer can help you identify ways to get through the process with less fighting. Your counsel will also be able to help you navigate potentially contentious issues and determine the best solutions for you and your case.

Contact an Experienced Wisconsin Divorce Attorney

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